Mini Monkeys

Starting from ages 5 up to 7 years old, this is great for children wishing to start taking up climbing from an early age. They will have the chance to climb a variety of walls within the centre all with the help of our instructors. Climbing everything from 6, up to 17 metres they will gain confidence and ability to push themselves further. They will also have the chance to use autobelays and the bouldering area during their time here.

Rock Monkeys

Building on from mini monkeys, from the age 7 upwards Rock Monkeys will also teach children aspects of roped climbing, giving them the skills to tie their own knots and belay each other in a safe, instructor led environment. The classes will build on different climbing techniques in order for the children to progress and climb harder grades as they attend more regularly. Classes will contain a mixture of roped climbing and bouldering.

Rock Monkeys (Lead)

For those who progress at a good level, and as they look to advance their skills, we also offer a class for those wishing to move onto lead climbing. This means more advanced belaying techniques, and ascending a wall with a rope from the ground. Due to this being a more advanced form of climbing, this class will only be offered to those that we believe are capable of doing so, and at our instructors discretion.