Learn to Climb

With our Learn to Climb course we will teach you all the basics of roped climbing in a safe, instructor led session. You will learn the following during 4x 1 hour sessions for just £40…

  • How to tie your own knots to ensure your safety – a re-threaded figure of eight with a double overhand stopper knot
  • Universal technique of belaying, and using a belay device correctly in a safe manner
  • How to check yourself and your climbing partner are safe before leaving the floor
  • The importance of communication between climber and belay
  • Basic climbing techniques for helping you ascend routes on the wall

Private Induction Course

We also offer private induction sessions for those looking for a more intensive course on a 1-2-1 basis with an instructor or as a pair…

  • Adult – £66/£22 per session
  • Student/Concession – £60/£20 per session
  • Junior – £45/£15 per session

Top Rope

During a top rope induction you will learn everything you would during the learn to climb course above, giving you all of the basic knowledge you need to help you navigate your way around the centre

Lead Climbing

For those looking to push with roped climbing, and really make the most of our centre and it’s massive 23m walls!! During your own tailored sessions our instructors will guide you through a more advanced nature of climbing and the techniques to allow you to do so safely. Within these sessions you will have plenty of time and opportunity to gain all of the essential knowledge you will need and advice on equipment required.