I’ve never climbed before… can I climb ?

Ofcourse! You can sign up for a membership which is £5.50 per year, and then pay your entry fee to use our Bouldering area or Auto Belays.  Alternatively, you can book in for a taster session with one our instructors by either using the contact form or calling us on 0191 514 4234.

 How do I become a member ?

Click on the ‘log in/register’ button on the home page of our website and follow the steps provided.  Your membership will be checked by an instructor upon arrival. 

If I join as a member, can I go straight onto the roped walls ?

You can only used the roped walls if you are trained and have passed an assessment by one of our instructors.  If you are not sure, you can book an induction course or refresher session with one of our qualified instructors.

How long does my rope need to be to climb the lead walls ?

A 60m Rope is required to climb any of our 23m lead walls.

How do I go about learning to lead climb ?

You can learn to lead climb by booking a Lead Induction course with one of our qualified members of staff.

 How long can I stay?

Sessions currently last for 2 hours, please make sure to book into your timeslot to avoid missing out! If we are not too busy then you’re welcome to stay longer.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?

The minimum age for taking part in a session with our instructors is 3.  If you’re taking part without using our instructors, there’s no minimum age. There’s also no maximum age – if you feel fit and able then come along! 

Do I have to stay with my children?

If your children are under 12, you need to stay and supervise them whilst they climb.  If they’re 12 or over,  they can stay unattended as long as they are with an instructor or are a competent climber; have had a full valid membership form completed by a parent/guardian and assessed in the presence of a parent/guardian by a member of staff.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you are coming along to one of our sessions with an instructor, then equipment is provided.  If you have your own equipment that you’d like to use, feel free to bring it along, otherwise you are able to hire climbing shoes/harnesses here. You must wear climbing shoes whilst on the wall.

Is equipment hire included?

Equipment hire will only be included for sessions booked with one of our instructors. Otherwise you will need to either have your own as stated above, or hire from us.

 Can I bring my dog ?

We love dogs! They must be well behaved and are your responsibility whilst in the building, please ensure they are kept on a lead and are kept away from main climbing areas.

I am qualified instructor, can  I bring a group ?

We need to obtain copies of your qualifications, first aid and insurance.  Once we have these, you are welcome to bring your own groups in.